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The school’s highest fundraising priority and sincerest philanthropic efforts are through unrestricted, tax-deductible donations made annually. These dollars go to the CSS Kodiak Pride Fund (formerly Annual Fund) and are applied to the school’s general operating budget. The Kodiak Pride Fund allows the school to say “yes” to many opportunities for teachers and students.

Our Most Critical Needs

Founded more than 60 years ago, The Colorado Springs School eagerly looks forward to its next 60 years, as it aims to prepare future leaders for the community and greater world beyond CSS. The school's greatest areas of need include:

  • 老师保留
  • 奖学金
  • Experiential Education

Every gift, no matter the size, counts. 1美元的礼物,962 (signifying the school’s inception), 或更多的, qualify a donor to become part of the Claremont Society.

一些捐助者, 基金会, and corporations restrict gifts to scholarships, 捐赠基金, 项目, professional development, and technology and capital improvements. These gifts are also closely aligned with school priorities.

The Kodiak Pride Fund
筹款 & FRIENDraising 事件

The Kodiak Pride Fund

60年来, 父母, 爷爷奶奶, 校友, 过去的父母, 基金会, and friends have collectively supported charitable giving to The Colorado Springs School, 501c3非营利组织, helping to acquire our 28-acre campus and maintaining the school's eight academic buildings, which house distinctive learning spaces for current thinkers and problem-solvers. We must preserve the school's assets and leverage our resources to successfully prepare students for a dynamic world, now and for the next 60 years 或更多的.

The combination of tuition and philanthropy is powerful. Your philanthropic dollars to the Kodiak Pride Fund provide a critical boost to the school's operating budget and signature 项目. 巨额捐献5美元,000 或更多的 provide the most profound impact for CSS and can significantly move the school forward in providing exceptional 项目 and opportunities.

Kodiak Pride Fund FAQs >>

筹款 & FRIENDraising 事件

标志性的事件 & 拍卖

Our annual signature event is a collective celebration of the CSS and Colorado Springs community. 朋友, 合作伙伴, sponsors and families come together to support the school monetarily while looking to further the CSS mission.

*Goods or services at our auction must be purchased or won f或更多的 than the fair market value of the items. Consult your tax advisors to correctly determine any potential tax benefit to you.

社区-Building 事件

朋友 and families of CSS are encouraged to contribute or volunteer to help at any of the following activities and events or in the below capacities.

  • 家长协会's Carnival
  • Kodiak Athletic Boosters
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Classroom Coordinator


一些捐助者, 基金会, and corporations restrict gifts to scholarships, 养老, 项目, professional development, and technology and capital improvements. These gifts are also closely aligned to school priorities.



These designated and restricted funds support a range of student scholarships for expenses toward Experience-Centered Seminars or to honor individuals who have made unique contributions to the school, as in the case of both the John-Alex Mason ECS Scholarship or dollars provided from the Estate of 苏珊·巴克日.


The 养老 is CSS's investment account that produces annual income for general or specific operating expenses, depending on donor preference. The school especially seeks endowed scholarships and faculty professional development.


The Colorado Springs School maintains a master plan for campus upgrades, building maintenance, and future improvements. Capital projects include facility and transportation enhancements.


Making a planned gift can be part of your estate. This can be done in many ways, including through insurance or donating assets or securities. Learn more about 计划给 在这里.

As a member of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), CSS subscribes to the Donor Bill of Rights and related guidelines for ethical fundraising

For giving conversations or next steps, please contact the Fundraising Office at or by phone at (719) 434-3501. The Colorado Springs School is a 501c3 non-profit. 税号:84-0517369.